Zones Landscaping - A Transformational Franchise
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Zones Landscaping - A Transformational Franchise

If you have ever considered owning a franchise, and have an interest in landscape design, Zones could be the business opportunity of your dreams. Created in 2014, Zones is a franchise opportunity launched by Traffic, a business which has marketing and business strategy at the core of it. When Traffic first started in 2003, many of its clients were connected to the building industry. The team at Traffic quickly discovered that there were issues within the building industry, especially when it came to renovations being delivered on schedule and within initial budgets. To address these issues Traffic launched Refresh Renovations in 2010, followed by Zones Landscaping in 2014.

The idea behind Zones Landscaping is to provide clients with guidance and project management through the entirety of their project, saving them time and money. Zones achieves this through a unique process which ensures franchisees remain the client’s one point of contact, from the first project consultation through to the completed project and any maintenance requirements thereafter. Zones also relieves clients of the stress that comes with planning and managing landscaping projects by doing it for them. Clients can simply sit back and watch the progress of their project online.

How do I become a Zones Franchisee?

To be a Zones franchisee you need to be business minded. Traffic is particularly interested in working with franchisees who are driven, sales orientated and great at managing people. As a Landscaping Consultant, your focus will be on managing the business and providing great customer service, while your team of contractors are responsible for running the landscaping projects.

There are opportunities available across New Zealand and the market is growing. Franchisees are given all round support, including training, marketing, resources, lead generation, connections and business strategy.

Zones is the only franchise in New Zealand to specialise in landscape design and build. The company provides regular seminars for potential franchisees. If you are interested in buying a Zones franchise, or would like more information, please get in touch with Zones to learn more.

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