Meet Franchisee, James Laurenson
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Meet Franchisee, James Laurenson

Twelve years of military experience has given James the chance to hone a range of skills including discipline, leadership, meticulous planning, and effective communication, all of which he now brings to his role as Landscaping Consultant for Zones. With a strong work ethic and exceptional customer service skills, James is looking forward to working with clients to understand their landscaping goals and delivering outstanding results!

James has a knack for understanding the big picture while keeping on top of all the small details. He is disciplined, has a commitment to quality, and loves to focus on the results. That’s why the Zones 5-step approach resonated with him and made him excited to join the team and tackle a new challenge.

From small refreshes to full backyard transformations, James delivers stress-free renovations with exceptional outcomes that are on time and on budget.

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